Here are 3 Skincare Trends That Will Become the Standard


Trends are often known for being short-lived. Today it’s the trend but tomorrow it’s totally different. It’s especially the case with skincare where from time to time there’s something new. Whether it’s due to new scientific researches…

Younger Skin Without Going Through Surgery?


Is that possible? Achieving a younger-looking skin through surgery is usually people’s last resort. After all, the procedures are usually invasive and require long recovery periods. Most people want to go back to their normal lives and…

Is Your Skincare Regimen Overwhelming?


You might already have dozens of bottles in your bathroom and shelves. And yes, they all need to be applied daily. Can you still keep up? Do you still think it’s worth the time? Aside from being…

What Vitamin C Can Do for Your Skin? Here’s the Truth


Vitamin C is best known for its antioxidant properties (aside from its availability and affordability). This essential water-soluble vitamin is in fact present in high concentrations in normal human skin. This is to stimulate collagen synthesis and…

What’s the Effect of Vitamin A on Skin? Here’s the Answer


Notice that many skincare products now indicate they contain Vitamin A. This nutrient is actually essential in regulating skin health and maintaining some of our essential bodily functions (e.g. proper functioning of our eyes and immune system)….

The Science and Details of Skincare: Here’s the Truth


Let’s start with the basics before you get flooded with conflicting information and advice about skincare. Read this article first before believing the claims of manufacturers and sellers about how their products will radically transform your skin….

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