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After the age of 18, collagen production tends to decline as each year passes by.
This collagen production and synthesis is important in keeping our skin looking young. However, due to chronological ageing and constant exposure to sunlight (the UVA/UVB radiation specifically), our skin may look older than what it should be.
That’s why many men and women now use Anti-Ageing Correctives (e.g. moisturisers, serums) as part of their skin care regimen. These products are specifically designed to stimulate collagen synthesis. As a result, they achieve a younger-looking skin and slow down the effects of chronological ageing to their skin.
Aside from stimulating the synthesis of natural collagen, our Anti-Ageing Correctives also incorporate Stem Cell Technology for better and longer-lasting results. That’s because this Stem Cell Technology allows for the regeneration of epidermal stem cells. This then results to an increase in healthy cell turnover. This also results to the release of collagen and elastin in the skin.
The overall goal is to stimulate collagen synthesis to make up for its natural production decline as we age. In addition, the active ingredients should penetrate and be better absorbed by the skin. This is possible with the use of liposome encapsulation which allows the products to better penetrate the skin’s oil-water barrier.
For many men and women, the goal is to look younger for longer. If our skin looks at its best, we’ll be more confident in any social setting. It can even indirectly result to increased physical vitality because we’ll be more confident to go outside and face people. As a result, we’ll be able to get more active and make the most out of life.
One of the first steps is to improve our skin care regimen. With the use of Anti-Ageing Correctives, we achieve a higher level of skin care. That’s because we gain more control on how our skin will combat chronological ageing. With regular use, we can retain a youthful looking skin far longer. We’ll then be more confident to go outside and interact with other people.