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Corrective coverage products (or more popularly known as BB creams) camouflage and colour correct the skin’s tone.

But these products now go beyond that. BB creams are now also used to treat, hydrate, prime and protect the skin. With high levels of active skin care ingredients, the skin will receive better hydration and moisturisation. Add to that the camouflage and colour correction of the skin tone, truly these products do wonders on one’s skin.

As a result, BB creams do the job of at least 4 different skin care products (moisturiser, primer, concealer, foundation and even sunscreen). Aside from saving some space on your counter or in your shelf, just one tube does it all. It’s like having a “shortcut” to a high level of skin care while still receiving all the amazing benefits of different products.

For example, our all-in-one formulations offer powerful anti-oxidant and anti-ageing properties because of their soy peptides and Vitamin E contents. These active ingredients help in maintaining a smooth and radiant-looking skin. With the use of serums (before applying the BB cream), you can achieve better protection against the attack of free radicals and premature ageing.

The Corrective Coverage products themselves will suffice in many skin care applications. It’s like having a quick fix and a ready-to-use skin care product wherever you are. In addition, you also gain long-term benefits because you retain a youthful looking skin. You gain huge benefits both upfront and in the long term.

Aside from treating the skin with high levels of skin care ingredients, the skin also receives better moisturisation and hydration. With the additional benefit of priming and perfecting the skin’s surface, it’s no wonder now why these products are a must in every person’s skin care regimen.

The use of BB creams also provides a high level of versatility and flexibility. You can add it as a last step to your existing skin care routine (or you can use it for further skin care benefit). You can even use these BB creams on their own because of their multiple benefits.