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You might look older depending on how the skin around your eyes looks.
Lack of sleep and exposure to UVA/UVB can make the eye area age much faster. This can affect how your entire face appears because the eye area gets much attention and it can even be the main focus during conversations or whenever other people look at you.
There are general skin care products and techniques that slow down ageing in the facial skin. However, it’s slightly different when dealing with the area around the eyes. This area is almost 10 times thinner than the skin on the face. As a result, skin care on the eye area has a different set of requirements.
This is what our Eye Care products offer. These products are specifically formulated for the eye area. It’s a delicate area, which is why our products are gentle. In contrast, general facial skin care products could be slightly irritating to the eye area (remember that this is 10x thinner). Instead of causing allergies, irritations or other undesirable effects, our products prevent premature ageing in the area.
It’s still recommended to moisturise, limit sun exposure and better manage stress to slow down the signs of ageing. Wrinkles (such as crow’s feet) around the eyes may appear as early as the 20s. To prevent the premature appearance of these wrinkles, our eye creams deeply moisturise the delicate area. Our products are also excellent at increasing the skin’s ability to retain moisture.
For optimal results and absorption, our products are specifically formulated with encapsulated ingredients that target cells. This way they can better penetrate the oil-water barrier of the skin and lead to noticeable results in a few weeks or one month.
Skin care requires work and routine. But to experience results, it’s always recommended to use products that are specifically formulated for the application. The eye area has a different set of requirements, which is why this requires a different set of products other than the regular facial skin care products. This is important because the eye area can tell a lot about your age and your commitment to looking young and radiant.