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Almost everyone agrees that moisturisers are good for the skin. But do you know which one to buy and what to look for?

First, the product should have an excellent humectant that will help bind the moisture into the skin. The DermaFix Bio-Hydrating Cream has hyaluronic complex (with superior humectant properties) so you can be sure of excellent protection against skin dehydration.

Effective moisturisers work by trapping the moisture into the skin, thereby slowing down water evaporation. If much of the water escapes especially when the air is dry, you get left with a dry skin that makes the wrinkles looks worse. Plus, dry skin can even aggravate your acne and make your skin look dull and flaky.

Another goal of moisturisation is to balance and repair the skin’s barrier. This can also be accomplished by applying natural and organic oil (DermaFix Argan Oil 100% Organic). With excellent regenerating and protecting properties, you’ll attain excellent epidermal nourishing which will keep your skin look healthy.

Here at Earth Derm we also have other moisturising products with added nutrients and ingredients. Whether it’s for stimulation of collagen production or protection against UV radiation and environmental stress, our results-based products will help you maintain a healthy-looking skin. As Australia’s exclusive supplier, we’re committed to sourcing and distributing the most effective skin care products to our customers and the Australian Professional Beauty Industry.