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If you want better skin care results in a shorter period of time, one excellent way to achieve that is with the use of Serums.

These contain high concentrations of active ingredients that can be absorbed rapidly by the skin. This is possible because the active ingredients are liposome encapsulated. This means the serum can better penetrate the skin’s oil-water barrier. As a result, your skin can better absorb the active ingredients needed for skin repair and ageing prevention.

One of those active ingredients is Vitamin C. It’s very effective in raising the level of vitality in the cells and tissues. It’s also crucial in the formation of collagen (skin’s main structural protein). If your skin can rapidly absorb Vitamin C, you’ll realise faster and more effective results (plus preventing premature skin ageing).

Applying a serum can be easily incorporated into your daily skin care routine, whether it’s the morning or evening. You can use it applying a moisturiser. With the serum, you step up your skin care and realise more noticeable results.

Although maintaining a healthy diet is also good for skin, the absorption amounts and rates of the necessary nutrients are far from optimal. The nutrients may not be enough to nourish your skin cells. But with a complete skin care routine (topical application), your skin cells will get the nutrients they need.

Many women now have realised the benefits of applying serums. These products act on a molecular and cellular levels, which makes them effective in combating skin ageing. With improved cell longevity, the results manifest on a macro level. You’ll get a better-looking skin and appear more radiant and younger.