Dermafix Man

Men often have the same skin problems as women. After all, sunlight, stress and ageing can make a man’s skin looking dull and weak. There are no exceptions when it comes to this kind of problem.

It’s a common belief that only women need good skin care products. However, more and more men are becoming conscious about their skin. Men also need to look good in front of the mirror and other people. After all, they need to look great and feel confident whether it’s at work or a social gathering.

As a result, here at Earth Derm we offer excellent skin care products specifically designed for men and women. Whether it’s for effective protection from the sun, moisturisation or cleansing, our products are especially formulated to keep men’s skin looking young and healthy.

It’s especially the case in protection from the sun. Exposure to the sun’s UV rays damages the skin cells and accelerates skin ageing. Although limiting your exposure is the best protection, it’s still good to apply sun screen so you can still enjoy the outdoors without worrying about your skin.

Moisturisation is also important because as we age, our body loses the ability to retain moisture and protect our skin from harsh elements. But with a good moisturiser, you continue to protect your skin and even help make it look younger. In contrast, dryness can make your skin look dull and vulnerable.

Cleansing is also important in men’s skin care routine. At the end of the day our skin has accumulated dirt and oil that may cause imperfections and irritations. With a good cleanser, your skin will have chance to rest and heal because of the absence of dirt. In addition, a good cleanser can get rid of the redundant and ageing skin cells.

Instant treatments are getting more popular. However, these are invasive and nothing still beats everyday care. With Earth Derm’s products, you can achieve excellent skin care and maintain your skin’s appearance and health. Our products have become an essential part of men’s skin care routine day and night.

We recommend Dermafix Active Cleaning Gel morning and night followed by Dermafix Regenerate RX and of course your Dermafix SPF, either SPF40 or SPF50.